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How do I use Spirini?

Spirini is a money-saving lifestyle app that allows you to enjoy everything Bristol has to offer, without having to break the bank. Whether it’s a quick coffee between meetings, a tasty and totally instagramable lunch with friends or the best night out of your life, Spirini takes away the boring research time needed to let you know what’s going on in Bristol

Where can I use Spirini?

Spirini is a new way of finding great deals, amazing “flash sale” offers and generally taking the stress out planning your visit to the city. We’re Bristol locals so currently we’re only available here, but shortly we plan to let other UK cities and towns in on the deals. Soon you’ll be able to take Spirini on the road and find awesome offers during planned trips away and spontaneous road trips.

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Why is there a timer?

Flash deals issued by businesses are intended to be special, spontaneous and in reaction to you. The timer tells you how long such a special offer is available for, make sure you can get to the venue before it expires.

How do I pay?

This is the good bit. You don’t pay Spirini – you pay the business as normal. Just go to where you’re going and show them the offer on your phone. We do all the rest for you. We never ask for your personal banking information, and some of our partners will even give you additional offers and freebies in the Loyalty Card section off the app once you’ve collected enough points.

Is it really FREE?

Spirini is free to members. Businesses pay a subscription fee to get access to all our wonderful members. The business is then able to send offers to app users – but remember, they won’t see you. No emails, no spam, no problem.

How do I claim a Spirini Offer?

No. All you pay is the cost of whatever you decide to buy from the business, i.e. pay for your goods, pay the restaurant bill, ticket etc. and then brag about your great deal on social media.

Do offers sell out?

Yes, it is possible. Remember, other users are almost certainly browsing at the same time and will see those offers. The business decides how long the offer runs for, so get your run shoes and victory dance ready you may need to get there quick!